Our deepest dream is that the day will come when every human being on this planet will have the opportunity to celebrate life to the fullest. But this can only happen when all of us - men, women and children, in every village, town, and city, small and large, in every country worldwide - have access to the basic resources that sustain life, including adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care.

Thus, we encourage you too to offer the gifts of your time, talents, energies and resources in whatever ways that you can, to create a better world for all us, for our children, and for the generations to come.

Listed here you will find links to some of our own favorite web sites, charities and social service organizations. Please take a look at the web sites of these wonderful, life-changing organizations. And feel free to let us know of any others you know of and especially like, and would like to see mentioned here.

  • Habitat for Humanity - Bringing families and communities in need together with volunteers and resources to build decent, affordable housing

  • Save the Children - Working to make lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need

  • Make a Wish Foundation - Granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope

  • The Hunger Site - Donate food to the United Nations at no cost to you

  • Internet Adoption Photolisting at - a photolisting of over 500 children currently available for international adoption. Updated hourly.

  • Marianist Social Justice
    A wonderful organization, the Marianist Social Justince Collaborative is dedicated to promoting social justice, and works on issues such as Ecology and the Environment, Anti-racism, Peace, and much more.


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