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The Power to Write

A Writing Workshop in a Book

The Power To Write First published in April 2003, by Conari Press, and by Barnes and Noble Publishing in a Hardcover edition, March 2004.

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A Unique Blend of Inspiration and Instruction…

"It's like participating in a fact-filled, fast-paced, fun writer's workshop… providing inspiration for writers of all levels of experience…"

· Each of seven chapters focuses on an easy to-follow key to becoming a more powerful writer: including clear, step-by-step instructions on how to write a powerful short story, drawn from either personal experience (non-fiction) or purely from the realm of the imagination (fiction).

· Packed with inspiring examples, each chapter also offers numerous suggested topics to write about, all of which are designed to get you fired up to do some powerful writing of your own.

· Author/artist Caroline Joy Adams has added her unique touch to this book, in the form of beautifully rendered calligraphic quotations on the art of writing woven throughout the text, making this a wonderful gift-book for everyone who loves to write--or wants to write. So give it to yourself, or to a friend, and then let your words just start flowing.

The one book that should be on every writer's bookshelf. If The Power to Write doesn't inspire you to start writing, and motivate you to keep writing, NOTHING WILL!

A Woman of Wisdom

Honoring and Celebrating Who You Are

You are Invited...

This is a very deep and personal invitation to you, to participate in a unique, wonderful, exhilarating process of self-discovery and celebration. This inner voyage will give you a pathway to greater acknowledgment and appreciation of who you are. For although you may not live in daily awareness of this truth... you are already a woman of great wisdom and depth, of radiant inner beauty; of grace, dignity and spirit; of deep insight and infinite light. You are rich with the vastness of your life experience and you have a myriad of unique and wondrous gifts to share.

So, come, open up this book, and begin your journey!

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An Italic Calligraphy Handbook

We are pleased to announce that this book is now available in a new edition, published by Dover Publications. Order from or Barnes and Noble, or ask for it in any retail art supply store or book store.
Caroline Joy Adams wrote the first edition in 1985, (published by Stemmer House) while teaching calligraphy at Harvard University's Center for Lifelong Learning. A comprehensive study of the Italic style, the hardcover, American version is often available used through Barnes& (listed under Caroline's former last name: Knudsen). A paperback British edition, published in 1987, by Thorsons (now HarperCollins) can also be found used on as well (listed under the last name Knudsen Adams).

This volume is considered by many to be the classic text on the lettering arts.


The Power To Write
Power to Write: A Writing Workshop in a Book

  A Woman of Wisdom: Honoring & Celebrating Who You Are
A Woman of Wisdom: Honoring & Celebrating Who You Are

Italic Calligraphy Handbook


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