Table of Contents


The Invitation

Honoring Your Journey, Past and Present
Looking into the Seven Mirrors of Self-Reflection

1. The Mirror of Change:
Honoring Your Continual Process of Growth and Change

2. The Mirror of Challenge:
Acknowledging Your Greatest Challenges and Strengths

3. The Mirror of Transformation:
Overcoming Your Fears on the Pathway to Your Dreams

4. The Mirror of Truth and Intuition:
Listening to Your Inner Voice

5. The Mirror of Creativity:
Acclaiming Your Creativity and Unique Gifts

6. The Mirror of Passion and Power:
Recognizing Your Power that Arises from Within

7. The Mirror of Yourself in Relation to Others:
Becoming Aware of the Ways Your Presence Makes a Difference to Others


Moving Forward Upon Your Life Path
The Seven Pathways to Celebrating Who You Are

1. The Pathway of Nurturing:
Nurturing Yourself More Fully Each Day

2. The Pathway of Loving Speech:
Speaking to Yourself in More Loving Ways

3. The Pathway of Peace in the Moment:
Creating More Moments of Calm and Contentment Each Day

4. The Pathway of your Deepest Dreams:
Taking Actions Toward Making Your Dreams Come True

5. The Pathway of Creative Expression:
Expanding Your Creativity in Exciting New Ways

6. The Pathway of Spiritual Awakening:
Awakening to Your Spiritual Essence

7. The Pathway of Loving Kindness:
Celebrating Your Connections to Those Around You


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